The Process.

Our Lifesaving Program works to give people their lives back, by increasing the chance of survival in emergency situations. Our program is completely shaped by first responders who save lives everyday.

We Educate

Basic Lifesaving

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What we teach:

  • CPR

  • Wound Care

  • Infection Management

  • Chocking

  • Bleeding Control

  • Patient Transport

Ocean Lifesaving

What we teach:

  • Ocean Rescue Techniques

  • Ocean Awareness

  • Victim Recognition

  • Drowning Victim Treatment

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We Empower

Project Moonlight knows the value of community empowerment, especially when it comes to saving lives. 

Knowledge is important, but giving others the desire and power to make a difference is life changing.

That is why our program includes the following: 

Hands on training: 

  • Involvement is one of the most important aspects of education, which is why we provide a hands on experience.

  • We make sure our students understand what a real emergency feels like, getting to constantly practice their skills.

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Breaking down cultural beliefs:

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  • Most cultures have deep seeded medical beliefs and practices that can actually endanger patients.

  • We break down these beliefs and start the respectful transition into modern medical practices. 

  • Teaching the importance of proper emergency preparedness instills motivation to save others. 

Engaging instructors:

  • Our instructors are the most vital part to our organization. Learning from first responders allows students to get feedback from individuals who have actual experience saving lives. 

  • We make sure our instructors are versed in the material and are engaging, creating a positive learning environment.

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We Sustain

We understand that information can be hard to retain without continuous and purposeful education.

Therefore we have established the following:

How-to booklets:

  • We created easy to follow, step by step emergency booklets that explain how to administer lifesaving care. Individuals are taught to keep this somewhere close in case of emergency. 

  • When teaching internationally, these booklets are translated into native languages.  


Medical supplies:

  • Proper medical supplies increase the efficiency of medical care, and most countries have little to no access to this.

  • That is why Project Moonlight donates ready-made medical kits to communities we come in contact with.

  • Medical supplies are also donated to local clinics in need.

Local Educators:

  • Project Moonlight finds community leaders who want to continue this powerful education. 

  • Extra training is devoted so these individuals can teach other people in their communities.



This video depicts local Indonesian students using their new skills and medical supplies to treat a peer's injured foot.


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