Our Founders.


Palmer Bonebrake

Palmer is from San Diego, CA and has worked in marine safety, EMS, business, marketing, and the surf industry around San Diego. He graduated from UCSD from the School of Global Policy and Strategy with a Major in International Business Studies. He enjoys surfing, snowboarding, hiking, and the outdoors and is pursuing a career in EMS and Firefighting. He intends to use his education and training to address the need for better emergency response around the world.


Jake Ratermann

Jake is from San Marcos, CA and has worked in a various fields, such as marketing, nonprofits, customer service, EMS, and marine safety. He is also an EMR and CPR certified instructor. Jake has visited communities in need all over the world. With that, his main goal is to make a difference in people's lives.

Our Team.


Michaela Dougherty

Mikaela is from Carlsbad, CA, and is a student-athlete at The College of Charleston in SC. She has worked in marketing, event coordination, logistics/ inventory management, and leading surf camps. She enjoys being active and traveling. After spending her last eight summers working with kids down at Moonlight Beach, Mikaela has devoped a passion for working and educating kids on ocean safety.


Leanne Hagen

Leanne is from San Diego, CA. She has education and experience in environmental studies, ecological research, business, and marketing. She is passionate about working in EMS and teaching life saving skills to communities in need. She is also passionate about creating opportunities for EMS personnel and students of all ages to become involved in our mission, as well as working with various nonprofits and organizations to expand our impact.

Trevor Fritts_edited.jpg

Trevor Fritts

Trevor is from Carlsbad, CA and has worked heavily in EMS, wilderness medicine, and marine safety. He is certified various outdoor rescue such as rope, avalanche, and swift-water. He has an education in fire science and emergency services. Trevor has a passion for the ocean, surfing, and working in a career that saves lives. 


Tabitha Rasch

Tabitha is from Milwaukee, WI. She is currently working as a Critical Care Paramedic. Tabitha is a part of the FEMA team and was on deployment for Afghan refugees. Previously, she worked in an Emergency Room and provided medical volunteer services overseas. Tabitha loves hiking, rollerblading and traveling. She is finishing her Bachelor’s in Emergency Medicine and her flight certification. Her calling is to be a part of the lives of others by spreading the lifesaving skills she’s acquired throughout her career thus far.

Lucien Clark.JPEG

Lucien Clark

Lucien is from Encinitas, CA and has worked in finance, marketing and marine safety. With a passion for economics, he hopes to bring his skills to help aid Project moonlight with its organizational and financial needs. Lucien is passionate about making a difference in communities around the world and inspiring others to make a difference.


Joe Kagan

Joe is from Encinitas, CA and has worked in business, EMS, and marine safety. He has an impressive business and academic background, working with companies all over California. Joe is passionate about working with kids and educating. He enjoys are surfing, music, and helping others.


Ryan Ashby

Ryan is from Encinitas CA and has worked in marketing, finance, EMS, and marine safety. He also has an impressive academic background, working and living all around Europe. He enjoys base-jumping, surfing, hiking and the outdoors. Ryan is passionate about using his skills to teach and inspire others to make a difference. 

Board of Directors

Josh Sirota

Jake Ratermann

Palmer Bonebrake


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